Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Three Reasons Why the Giver Movie was Better that the Giver Book

   I think the Giver movie is better than the book for three reasons. First of all  because it added romance. Secondly the ending is understandable. Lastly I think the movie is better because the chief elder is involved. The romance makes the story better because it adds more to the story. The understandable ending helps because it leaves everyone in agreement with what happens. The chief elder helps make the movie better than the book because it adds a main figure to hate.
    My first reason why I think the Giver movie is better than the book is because the movie added romance. This makes it better because it almost adds another story to enjoy in the story that you are watching. Not only is there the story about Jonas trying to fix the community, but there is also the story of Jonas and Fiona. The good thing is that it isn’t just a stupid romance story about two people. Instead it is an elegant story about a man who loves a women but the women cannot love anything. It could be made into its own story, but instead it is just a added part of the great story. Some people may say that this doesn’t help, instead it makes it so there is too much stuff going on. I disagree with this because the added story both adds more interesting moments into the story and adds another story to focus on if you dislike the main story.
    Another reason why the Giver movie is better than the book is because the ending is understandable. This helps because it lets us know what happens. Some people will say the unclear ending helps because it lets you use your imagination to think of what happened. The problem with that is we will never know what actually happened until it is explained in another book which it never is. This is bad because it makes you keep wondering what happens and you will never decide and will just keep wondering.
    My last reason why the giver movie is better than the book is because the chief elder is way more involved. This helps make it better because it puts in a main villain. Without her there is no main figure for the community. Some people will say that she is still the main villain in the book. That is true but you don’t know anything about her because she is only brought up a couple of times in the book. In the movie she is a important character who is in the action all the time. Because she is involved she is put up as the main reason why the community is so messed up.
    The Giver movie is better than the book for three main reasons. The first reason is that  it added romance. The second reason why I believe the movie is better than the book is because of it's understandable ending. The last reason is that the chief elder as an important figure. After reading this I hope you understand why the giver movie is better than the book.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Is Bad Always Bad?

    One morning before school I texted my grandma asking if after school I could facetime her for a english project. I knew it would be hard for to it because she was driving over to San Leandro that morning and she had just gotten back from Denmark the day before. After a couple of minutes she texted me back saying that she would love to. One of the great things about my grandmother is her ability to learn. What I mainly mean by this is she was able to learn how to use technology. She is that one cool grandma who has modern technology and actually knows how to use it. This helped because we were able to facetime without any problems.

    Question: ”When you were a kid what did you enjoy doing?”

    Answer: She told me how she loved reading but besides reading she loved to do anything outside. “We would build fort, make lemonade stands, and because there were no organized leagues like there are now days, we would have to get together with friends and make kickball games.”
    Follow Up Question: ”When you made lemonade stands, where they popular?”
    Follow Up Answer: yes, they were very popular. Because I had a bike I would have to bike over to the store to get more supplies.

    Question: ”What was your first job?”

    Answer:  I was a babysitter. I would babysit young kids. It was really weird and I didn’t understand why people trusted me, a teenager, with their (precious) children.

    Follow Up Question: “How much did you earn from babysitting?”

    Follow Up Answer: I earned 50 cents an hour

    Question: ”Has there been any historical moments that have happened while you've been alive? If so what has been some of the craziest?”

    Answer: One thing was the landing on the moon. That was a very exciting moment. It was “monumental”.
    Another crazy thing that happened in my childhood was the John F. Kennedy assassination. It happened in the middle of my school day. I was in 5th grade when there was an announcement telling everyone into the multipurpose room. I didn’t know what was happening, but all the teachers were crying, so I knew it was something bad. All we could was sit and wait for something to be said. Finally after a while there was an announcement telling everyone that John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. It was a “very sad time”.

    Follow Up Question: “How old were you when these things happen”

    Follow Up Answer: I was 18 when the moon landing happened and as I said I was in 5th grade, making me 10 when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

    Question: ”How have you seen technology affect people's lives?”

    Answer: I have seen people way more aware of what is going on in the world then before it was common (or even in existence). People are able to understand things better using the features modern technology brings. The main bad thing that has happened to people is they have less face to face conversations making it harder and more awkward when they have to talk to people.

    Follow Up Question: ”Was the change good or bad?”

    Follow Up Answer: I think it is more good than bad because although people now lack some communication skills, it is more important for people to know other things.

    Question: ”What was the best advice you have gotten? Why? How have you used that advice through your life?”

    Answer:  This question took her a really long time to answer, as a matter of fact, we had to end the face time to give her time to think of an answer. After around 20 minutes she face timed me again and she told me how her advice always came from examples. She grew up with a close family where everyone were great examples. Everyone had essential traits such as, honesty, compassion, loyalty, and wisdom.

    Follow Up Question: “Who was your main role model when it comes to an example?”

    Follow Up Answer: My dad was my “role model”. He was everything that I said before. He was just an amazing person that was the “person I looked up to”.

    The main thing I learned is that some things have benefits even if the something wasn’t good it could still have a benefit. This first time I realized this in the interview was on the third question about historical events. When she talked about the moon landing I realized how much that would do to people. I say this because there is this thing (Going into space) that was believed to be impossible but now it is happening, so it fuels everyone to chase their dreams. No matter how impossible they may seem people realize that they can happen. The second part of this is getting a benefit from something that isn’t a good thing. This I learned in the same question when she was talking about the John F. Kennedy assassination. I think that although it was a tragic, horrible event it had benefits for everyone. That benefit is that people know that horrible things, like this, can happen. This helps because if there was no fear of horrible things happening then they would happen often, but because of this fear we are able protect ourselves from bad things happening.   

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

One School... ONE

Today I read about the requirements for becoming/being an architect. The educational requirement is at least a bachelor's in architecture. You can also get a masters or doctorate, but they aren't necessary and the only school in the country that offers a doctorates degree in architecture is the University of Hawaii - Manoa. You also need a Internship and a license. Architects are required to be licensed in all 50 states.            http://study.com/architect_educational_requirements.html  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

An architects life

Today I read about the normal day of an architect. This particular architect starts his day at 6:00 AM. The first thing he does (besides simple things that everyone does) is he goes to a meeting at the construction site of someone's house. At this meeting they talk about how the building is evolving. Then he goes to a client to see a request about modifying or creating a project.

Monday, November 28, 2016

A... head?

Today I read about soccer balls. According to historical references and legends, the early ball was made from all kinds of things ranging from pig or cow bladders to human heads; and yes it does say human heads. In the 1800's Charles Goodyear designed and built the first vulcanized rubber ball. Also H.J. Lindon developed one of the first inflatable balls. In '63 the English Football League made the first rules and there were no specifications on the ball in any way. Then in '72 they revised the rules and added that the ball "must be spherical with a circumference of  27 to 28 inches". This rule remains in the current FIFA laws. Since then the rule has basically not been changed. It was slightly changed in 1937. The change was the weight of the ball. The weight requirement was changed from 13-15 oz. to 14-16 oz. by the 1900's most balls were made with a rubber bladder.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Manager

Today I read Wayne Rooney My Decade In The Premier League. The start was by Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager of Manchester United. It talked about how Wayne Rooney was a rising star and how he Ferguson to sign him. Then it talks about Rooneys goal against Manchester City. His goal was a overhead kick that was the game winner against Manchester United's inner city rivals. Manchester United's main rival is Liverpool, this rivalry is called the North-West Derby. although the Manchester United, Manchester City rivalry also known as the Manchester Derby is Manchester United's second rival it is considered one of the biggest rivalries in the world. To this day Rooneys overhead kick against Manchester City is considered Rooneys best goal and one of the top bicycle kicks of all time.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Our Neighborhood

Today I read about our cosmic neighborhood (The Solar System). The Solar System consists of a one star, eight planets, comets, asteroids, and dwarf planets. The one star in the Solar System is our sun. The eight planets are (in order from closest to furthest to the sun) Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The eight planets were named after Roman deities. The Roman deities were Mercury the messenger of the gods (In greek mythology there equivalent is Hermes), Venus the goddess of love (In greek mythology there equivalent is Aphrodite), For Earth there was Gaea who was the goddess of Earth (In greek mythology there equivalent is Gaia), Mars the god of war (In greek mythology there equivalent is Ares), Jupiter the king of gods and the god of the sky and thunder (In greek mythology there equivalent is Zeus), Saturn the father of zeus and the god of agriculture (In greek mythology there equivalent is Cronos or Kronos or also spelled as cronus), Uranus the god of the sky (In greek mythology there equivalent is Caelus), and Neptune the god of the sea(In greek mythology there equivalent is Poseidon).There is an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter that scientists have found more then 90,000 asteroids. As for dwarf planets, there are five main dwarf planets (including Pluto), but  they estimate the actual amount of dwarf planets in our solar system is anywhere from tens to around one-hundred.